Fastening solution
That’s what we offer.

Business Outlines


The main product of our company is anchor which is something like a screw or a nail for use in concrete.
Though anchors are not directly visible to the eye, they do play an active part in various places of our living environment.
Sanko Techno develops and manufactures a wide variety of anchors for various applications.


As concrete technology advances day by day, Sanko Techno is exerting relentless efforts in developing more and more new types of concrete drills. By collaborating with our affiliate, IKK CO., LTD. Co., Ltd. which specializes in hydraulic power tools, Sanko Techno is trying to expand the horizon of power tools.


In Sanko Techno, the retaining attachments used when fixing walls or roofs are called Fasteners. In order to preserve the beauty of a building, we consider the quality of a fastener itself as indispensable. Besides, we also keep an ample stock of products pursuing greater working efficiency.

Earthquake resistant resistant reinforcement system

Buildings constructed back in 70’s face aging problems and may be at risk of major accident. Sanko Techno has been developing new systems to protect schools, hospitals, highway, and railway bridges and all other structures from possible earthquake damage utilizing its own fastening and drilling products.

New Footing Anchorage System