Quality Initiatives

Quality Policy and Code of Conduct

Quality Policy

Sanko Techno contributes to society by providing high-quality products and services that are in harmony with the social environment.
We aim to improve management quality by effectively utilizing management resources such as people, goods, money, information, time and technology.

Code of Conduct

  1. Pursue customer satisfaction, provide products that meet customer needs, and strive to improve services.
  2. Always strive to develop and improve products.
  3. Thoroughly inform each division of the quality policy by implementing quality targets and regularly reviewing them.
  4. Strive to continuously improve the quality management system through regular internal quality audits.

From Manufacturing to Shipping

Anchor products from Manufacturing to Shipping

Monitoring / Auditing and Workshops for Subcontractors

In order to ensure quality and stable supply, we conduct supplier audits of our domestic subcontractors. In addition, we regularly visit domestic subcontractors involved in processing and hold workshops to understand and increase product quality.

Product inspection ※2

Based on the product specifications, we inspect parts and products by various methods such as measurement and hardness test.

Logistics System ※3

We deliver and ship products to customers nationwide from our distribution centers and sales offices. We replenish inventory to the West Distribution Center (Okayama Prefecture) and 14 sales offices nationwide, centering on the Central Distribution Center (Chiba Prefecture) managed by the automated warehouse management system.

Development and Improvement

We always strive to develop and improve our products based on the valuable opinions of our customers.

Various Credentials and Certifications

Examples are CAD data, JCAA product certificate, product specifications, material specifications, tensile test report and shear test report.

JCAA Product Certification

Proven results and product certainty.
We are striving to supply high quality and performance products based on the certification system implemented by the Japan Building Post-Install Anchor Association.

【What is the product certification system?】
Quality performance-based system that contributes to the maintenance of various buildings. A certification committee is consists of government agencies, related organizations and industry experts that examines, evaluates and certifies a high quality post-construction anchor that ensures the specified quality performance.

[Japan Construction Anchor Association (JCAA)]
Is a general incorporated association established in December 1993 with the permission of the Minister of Construction (currently the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism). It aims to “improve the quality of post-installed anchors and construction technology, ensure safety and establish comprehensive trust, and contribute to the industry development and the improvement of people’s lives.”