Greeting from CEO.
With utmost dedication, SANKO’s sympathetic management opens an uncharted trail into the future.

We identify SANKO TECHNO as an innovative enterprise.
In other words, we have a mission of developing high quality products for the global society. To achieve this mission, what we need is a new concept of management.

This is what we call, “the Sympathetic Management.”

Let me explain this concept:
SANKO TECHNO has contributed to the community through innovation and technological advancement. In front of us there still are wide openings in terms of evolution and development.
Current status of SANKO TECHNO should not satisfy us. SANKO TECHNO must evolve to meet the challenges of the future.

Words of wisdom say,
“Aim high, be modest, and be steady in deed.”
To become a trusted member of our society, we should start from paying attention to every facet of our corporate activity including our personal behavior.

So we decided to create a comfortable working environment, where we respect creativity, where we incubate imagination.
We give importance to simple behavior, like starting the day with greetings. We believe cheerful greetings form a golden bridge connecting people. Greetings inspire our people in factories, offices, and everywhere we go and work.

Based on this management concept, we will develop our company into such an enterprise, where unique creativity and independent personality are respected, where spontaneous cooperation and painstaking improvement activities are rewarded. In this manner, we will endeavor to achieve supreme competency to deliver the future dream to our customers, employees and society.

Let us begin our own great saga into the future. On our way, we will enrich our imagination and materialize what people have never dreamed before.

HORAGE, Hideto