Fastener Products

Anchor Tensile Testing Machine

Techno Tester AT-10DⅡ
Non-destructive anchor tensile machine
Techno Tester AT-200
Non-destructive anchor tensile machine
Techno Tester KT-6 / KT-20
Handy Tensile Testing Machine
Techno Tester RT series
Adhesion Strength Testing Machine
Deformed Bar Chuck Kit DCH
For pulling deformed bars
Designated Printer Set
What are AT series?

To easily verify the strength of post-installed anchor bolts on site, we have designed and developed the AT Series of non-destructive testing machines, which can fit various tests required for installing equipment, earthquake resistance, civil engineering work or other applications.


The most suitable testing machine for tensile test of metal anchor installation work.


Designed based on the required performance at the earthquake-resistant site, maximizing the performance at the site. It can also be widely used for tensile tests of post-installed anchor installation.

What are KT series?

Easy maneuverability and simple functionality. Optimum choice for managing on-site building equipment.

What are RT series?

Certified by the Japan Society for Finishing Technology, RT Series can be applied not only to the R&D of exterior material works but also to general on-site.

Non-destructive testing

An examination to verify the tensile load within a range not exceeding the failure load of anchors and substrates. Non-destructive testing is based on the premise of testing with a load smaller than the load at which concrete and anchors fail.

Adhesion strength testing

In this test, a load is applied until the adhesive surface to be tested delaminates or breaks, and the adhesive strength is calculated from that load.

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