fastener Products

Wall Anchors

Wall related construction application example:

Self-tapping can fasten steel plates in one process.
Introducing screw construction applications.
*When selecting a product to use from many product variations,
please be sure to check the specifications listed in the catalog.

Drill Screw
Pan Head
PAN Type / PAN-S Type / TH Type
Drill Screw
Countersunk head
FLAT Type / FLAT-S Type
Drill Screw
Countersunk head
Drill Screw
Hex Head
HEX Type HEX-S Type
Drill Screw
Hex Head
Drill Screw
Button Head
DPW Type DPW-S Type
Truss Head Drill Screw
Truss Head
FCW Type FCW-S Type FCW-R Type FCW-RS Type
Drill Screw
Pan Head/ Countersunk Small Head
ALP-S Type ALF-S Type
Stainless Head Screw
Hex Head
Sealing Screw
Pan Head / Hex Head
SP-WS Type SP-SWS Type SH-WS Type SH-SWS Type
Cover Drill Screw
Hex Head
CR Type SCR Type
Double Threaded Self-Drilling Screw
Double threaded bolt with hex flange + sharp tip screw bolt head
FH Type
Flat Head Screw
Flat Head
GH Type GH-S Type
Pan Head Screw
Pan Head
PS Type PS-S Type PSP Type PSP-S Type
Polycarbonate 12 Point Flange Head Screw
12 Point Flange Head
PC Type
Truss Head Pointed Tip Screw
Truss Head
TS Type TS-S Type TSP-S Type
ALC Light Screw
Serrated Flange Hex Head
LH Type
Metamo Screw
Truss Head
MMS Type MMS-S Type
Slate Roofing Tile Screw
Flat Head / Truss Head
SKSH Type SKS Type
T-Wood Screw
Flat Head
TW Type TW-S Type
Insulation Pin